Poker Chip Shuffling Simulator

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Click on the number of poker chips per stack in the table and then one of the Shuffle buttons to begin shuffling them.

The two stacks start out with the top half of the chips being black and the bottom half red.

Shuffle (new on top) ensures that a new chip always ends on top of the new stack

Shuffle (0 on top) ensures that the same chip is on always top (chip 0). This means that it is never shuffled and neither is the bottom chip. This essentially reverts the shuffle pattern to the chip stack minus 1 with a NEW chip on top.

"Original Order" means that the stack has been reverted to the original stack, with black on top.

The "Back to Original?" column is either "Y" or blank (no). It is "Yes" if the chip stacks never become reversed (all reds over all blacks). In this case, it only reverts back to the original order.

To see how this simulator is used, check out this video.